4 benefits of having digital signage for real estate agency


Many real estate agencies are still struggling to establish their brand through the static form of advertisements like print ads, posters, and more. The response is not overwhelming and consequently, they are worried about their marketing and sales rate. If you are running a real estate agency and dealing with several properties, you may have also faced the same challenge.

You have to use the light to steal the show. Yes, it’s about digital signage where a giant screen allows you to showcase your marketing content rapidly through a slide show. Whether you want to display the property or want to describe the amenities, nothing could be better than digital boards. This is the latest form used across the world to highlight any object targeting a crowd. Let’s find out, how real estate agency can be benefitted from the digital signage.

Use digital signage in your office: Using digital signage in a real estate office is a tactic to grab the attention of the visitors. Thankfully, the content on the board can be changed easily. So when a property is ready for possession it will appear on the board and once it is sold out, you can replace it with another vacant property.

Content will vary: Real estate is all about price, location, and amenities. While running a real estate agency, you will have multiple projects on hand to sell off. Some of your customers will look for a 2BHK apartment in suburbs or some may want to shift in a studio apartment in Downtown. The digital screen gives you the liberty to tailor your content for your different customers. The different slide will highlight different projects rotationally. Isn’t that amazing and smart enough to attract the potential buyers?

Run a video showing the house: Most homebuyers like to see the house first but visiting all the houses physically may not be possible all the time. To help your client, you can run a video showing the apartments on a giant plasma screen. In this way, you will not only break the monotony of the regular print ad but your potential homebuyers can actually see the house from inside out. It will definitely help them take the decision promptly.

Display always motivates the buyers: Hiring an experienced sales person will not be as effective as a display board showing a luxury apartment. Your sales executive will be tired of describing its poolside, front view, tiles, lawn area, amenities, security, and other features. But, when the potential customers get to see the running video, they will automatically show their interest in that property. Convincing them will be easier for you.

Using the moving display, you can expect a boom in your property sales. Don’t miss this digital boat which is a relevant tool for advertisement in recent times. If you are worried about the software and other technical nitty-gritty that will require setting up the signage system, you can browse through www.navori.com. This will help you ride the growth in the most cost-effective way. Their experienced resources will handle your work with utmost proficiency.