Best Steroids to Get Ripped [For SIX PACK ABS]


When you have decided to build six pack abs, the easiest way is to take steroids. But when it comes to choosing the steroid to start with, there are many to choose from and that would increase your confusion. Hence, before concluding on what to start, you must know the pros and cons of at least a few of them that are most popularly used. This will only give you information on what to expect, but you will also know the side effects and how to deal with the drug.

How to start?

There are 2 types of steroids to choose from, one is the prescription only steroids that can only be brought with a prescription from doctor, else will cost you a lot of time and side effects if your drug is not made with the right ingredients. The second is the alternatives to these steroids that can be purchased easily and are not illegal or controlled. While they are alternatives, they are made from natural ingredients and give you the same results.

The next thing is to choose the consumption form of these steroids. Many steroids are available in the form of pills, injections, sprays, creams, gels and skin patches. Some steroids give good results with pills while some give excellent results with an injection. Some people just choose or prefer not to choose injections over pills based on their comfort.

Best steroids to get ripped and how do they help

Some popular steroids that help in getting a toned physique and six pack abs are:

  1. Testosterone, also called as Testo max in legal alternative form

Testosterone is available in steroid and natural booster also. It is the first drug that many people opting for bod building think about. Testosterone is a hormone responsible for male characteristics and improving the levels of testosterone helps burn fat, builds muscles and gives you lean muscle. Your muscle endurance and hardness also increase with testosterone.

  1. Anavar with a legal alternative called as Anvarol:

Anavar is a mild steroid that gives quick and excellent results in fat loss, muscle gain and strength. There is no water retention in muscles which means you get harder and ripped muscles giving you a toned physique. It gives excellent results for Women also at surprisingly low doses.  Body builders prefer it in cutting cycles to burn fat while retaining the muscle gain.Anavar helps you get ripped quickly.

  1. Clenbuterol – legal alternative is also Clenbuterol itself

Clen is an excellent fat burner. It works on your central nervous system and increases your body temperature by a certain amount to increase the metabolism rate which is helpful in burning the fat. With Clen, there is very little effort required in terms of workout and diet to lose the extra calories. It also helps in increasing lean muscle mass and does not have high anabolic effects. With intake of Clen, your energy levels are boosted and you perform much better.