Can you become bigger and taller with HGH?


HGH does make you taller but there are some limitations to your expectations. HGH is given to deficient children or teenagers for promoting their growth. However, very few people know what to expect from injections related to growth hormone. The limitations of the growth hormone when connected with genetic and medical conditions, needs recommendation for letting someone go through any type of therapy.

Can you grow taller with HGH?

Our natural human growth hormone is produced in the pituitary gland and they result in helping us grow naturally. One of the vital parts is result in bone growth that makes us taller and stronger. Our growth hormone is needed for various bodily functions along with synthesis and development of brain tissues, organs, muscles, and more. They also help metabolize fat and sugar in our body.

In cases of deficiency and disease might not function right, and these are the times when you can opt for synthetic growth hormones. When it is about kids, they can be soon diagnosed and worked on. However, becoming taller is not one of common results.

HGH does make you taller but might not be significant enough. On the contrary, even if it does make you tall, you might have to go through the negative results of the drug. Children who have used HGH have been seen to have only gone taller by a few inches. They need to use it for at least 6 months every day, and charge about $18,000 to $36,000 for the entire course.

HGH Benefits

The synthetic growth hormones that you inject into your body, will improve your overall growth and development. However, you have to walk with the repercussions too. There have been several clinical studies related to growth hormone deficiency.  Most of them rotate around the HGH pills, injections, with common brand names like Nutropin, Protropin, Genotropin, Norditropin and Jintropin. There are more under study like Pfizer, Norditropin National Registry, and more. Parents have to decide what they can treat their child with, in order to get maximum benefit and minimum risk.

Side Effects

Common side effects related to HGH are joint pain, muscle pain, extremity in swelling, nerve pain, and more. There are more side effects like scoliosis or psoriasis. There are chances of having altered hormone levels like insulin and thyroid, which lead to making the condition worse.

To conclude, the HGH implication will result in bone growth and overall development, but if height is your main motive, you might not want to take such a big risk. In an overall, it will improve your height to a few inches but that might not make much of a difference. It is important to consult a doctor before opting for any hormonal therapy. Your doctor could tell you more about your chances to increase in height. HGH used by fitness enthusiasts for a better body can have little chances to enhance their height. They will get other related benefits for fitness but not grow taller than what they already are.