Clenbuterol – The Fat Loss Drug


The drug Clenbuterol is basically designed to be taken in cycles. Initially, it should be taken in small doses and then gradually increased till you reach the maintenance point. Once you have attained the maintenance point, the dose remains the same till you reach your set goal. After completing the main treatment plan portion, the dose needs to be gradually reduced till you reach a point when you can safely stop taking it without facing any kind of unwanted side effects. Also, untill the period when you follow the specified dosage, you should get the maximum benefits and face no adverse effects.

How it works

When you take Clen in the right dosage as per your gender and weight, it is known to promote three chief things:

  • Builds protein in the tissues of the muscles
  • Helps in breaking down the fat components
  • Releases energy while breaking down the body fat

A right dosage of the drug is a must to ensure the growth of the muscles. Due to its thermogenic properties, it helps to additionally burn 5% more fat and lets you achieve your expected results fast. It stays active for about 68 hours, with the half-life averaging 26 hours.

The expected results

Clenbuterolhelps to open the bronchial airways and improve the process of breathing when a person faces an asthma attack or any other respiratory distress. When it dilates the airways, the lungs can intake in more of oxygen, you can breathe comfortably and your overall stress also reduces. Its ability to breakdown the adipose tissue also makes it an excellent weight loss supplement. When more of oxygen is used, it helps the body to burn the fat at a much faster rate which leads to a sustained weight loss process. As long as you continue taking Clenbuterol, you will keep losing weight.When you reach the desired state, you should gradually stop the drug to maintain the existing weight.

When to use

When you decide to take the drug, it is highly important that you stick to the right dosage. This ensures that in a significantly short period of time, you achieve the desired the results. The bodybuilders should make a note that it is best to take the drug in the morning hours. If you take it in the evening, it might lead to insomnia, which is not considered good for the health.Clen should always be taken in empty stomach with sufficient amount of water. This ensures that the taurine and potassium present in the blood is used up. As the Clen half-life averaging 26 hours, once taken it will remain in your body for a little more than a day. So, here again, you should be careful in not taking multiple doses throughout the day. Hence, it is advised in the initial 3 to 4 weeks do not take it in higher doses. Always start with a low dose and monitor how your body is accepting the drug. This is the best way to follow to avoid any kind of adverse reaction in the body.