Great Ideas for Designing Modern Gas Fireplaces in Toronto


Summary – Modern gas fireplaces in Toronto are designed for space economy and efficiency of performance. Choices are numerous when it comes to designing, but there are some great ideas that can make the fireplaces attractive in appearance besides rendering them economic and efficient.

Modern gas fireplaces replace the wood log large fireplaces of the past with space economic and more efficient alternatives. A little innovation and application of mind can also make them highly attractive in appearance. These modern fireplaces do not lose the primary objective of space economy and efficiency of performance in the process of innovation.

Spacing Options 

Modern gas fireplaces in Toronto are ideal for homes with space constraints. They have compact design and thus can be fitted anywhere in the room according to convenience. Most of these varieties are innovative and look stylish too.

You can find multi-sided, hung, linear, and log type fireplaces and make a choice based on your preferences. These models have been designed with a view to save space and thus cater perfectly to the needs of modern homes that usually contain small and compact rooms. You can use these fireplaces as addition to your present home décor, where there is no existing fireplace. You also have the option to fit them inside the existing fireplace, if you have one.


Modern gas fireplaces come with numerous options for customization. They are clean burning appliances and are extremely easy to use. They are heat efficient and produce enough heat, in turn supplementing the existing heating systems. Since these fireplaces have low profile constructions, they are also easy to install and handle too.


Gas fireplaces are not new invention. They existed even in the past. However, the modern fireplaces are uniquely designed and beautiful with features like sleek lines as well as chic construction. They can very well complement both classic and contemporary homes due to their attractive designs and shapes. Not just that, you can even have them customized to match any background and thus add to the value of your home considerably. Many of these fireplaces have decorative nickel, brass, and copper finishes which are best way to add an element to your home décor.

The firebox accent can have various attractive elements like gems, fire glasses, sculptures, or even river rocks to enhance their elegance and beauty. Modern fireplaces are a great addition to the rooms in Toronto where traditional fireplaces cannot be accommodated. Various models like wall hanging, multi-sided, and linear and see through gas fireplaces to fit different budget ranges. You can even have replicas of traditional log fireplaces but they may not be as heat efficient as other models.


Usually the pricing of modern gas fireplaces depends on their designs and your choice. While choosing the best gas fireplace, every customer intends to get the best product available in the given price range. The prices range between $2000 and $5000. However the log type gas fireplaces that are primarily designed for show costs lesser i.e. around $400-$1000.

Modern gas fireplaces in Toronto with their unique and excellent design bring ease of installation, and efficient performance too.

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Igne Ferro is a Toronto-based company offering a wide range of modern fireplaces that can change the environment of your home from freezing cold to warmth and comfort. The company excels in designing highly innovative and efficient gas fireplaces using most advanced technologies and best materials in the industry making them attractive, durable and efficient at the same time.