How to combine strength training and cardio in one machine with the Bowflex PR1000 Review


While many people in the fitness world will agree that the best way to lose all that fat is to burn them through weight training, it will still help if the piece of home gym equipment that they have sitting in their homes actually provides some form of cardio which helps to keep workout routines interesting. However, not many home gym systems provides such a convenience but from reading this Bowflex PR1000 review, you will learn that this isn’t true.

  • Combining strength training with cardio

While this is definitely not a simple feat to achieve, the manufacturers have actually succeeded in doing this and you will learn all about it from this Bowflex PR1000 review. Shoppers are often taken by surprise when they find out that this product actually comes with an ability for them to not only lift weights and train their bodies, but it also comes with an option for cardio that can also be beneficial especially at the end of the workout where the user is looking to spend their remaining energy.

Combining cardio in strength training workouts is great but only when the user is able to differentiate and decide the ratio of the time they should spend on cardio versus lifting weights. Spending too much time on the cardio portion of this Bowflex PR1000 review as you will learn, will only work against the user as muscle mass is often broken down first to provide energy for the body to go through the cardio routine.

  • The features you will want to know about

From this Bowflex PR1000 review you will learn that the machine actually comes with a rowing machine rail which is the cardio portion of the home gym system. Due to this though, the Bowflex PR1000 review shows oyu that you are only able to do about 30 different strength training exercises as compared to a whopping 0 exercises for other home gym systems that don’t come with the rowing machine rail.

After reading this Bowflex PR1000 review you may think that you are put at a disadvantage but this is actually not true. While you may only have 30 different exercises to work with, the fact is that the rowing machine is able to provide you with a full body workout anyway! It is one of the best cardio machines to ever grace a strength training machine and it is actually a blessing.

Now from reading this Bowflex PR1000 review you know that this equipment is not only able to give you 30 exercises to build your muscles with, but you can still get some cardion from it! So what are you waiting for?