Keep Your Business Environmentally Friendly Backed by Expert Attorney Advices


Having been prepared with two client service offices in Lexington Avenue, NY and at Metuchen in New Jersey, the New Yorker corporate law advisory firm Amato Law Group is focused on providing clients with global class legal services, solutions and consultancy in relation to corporate law, commercial law suits, ecology linked legal factors apart from real estate, lending business, telecommunication and land use.

In 1995, the company was founded by Alfred L. Amato, who is an extremely weathered business lawyer, immense litigator and an astonishing arbitrator. As he comprehended his readiness and competence to perform successfully in commercial litigation areas, he decided to kick start his own attorney firm. Unlike the typical commercial litigators, he wanted to bring forth a proficient group of legal practitioners which can help business clients access standardized corporate law solutions while this would also specialize as a boutique law advisor and solution provider.

Irrespective of the type of a court case, what matters you is the final judgment. This demands an individual or a business enterprise hire services of a lawyer firm which has expertise in addition to, exemplifying performance track record in that particular domain. Thus, assessment of the professional portfolio of a legal firm is significant prior to you decide the right commercial litigator for your company. Typically, corporate or business legal matter varies considerably and this needs case to case basis analysis plus custom made solutions. This is why; you should hire services of a seasoned attorney like Alfred L. Amato who can provide you customized legal solutions and advisory that your business is in need of.

With the greater than ever environmental concerns, as a business person you require correct and lawful guidelines from a dependable attorney so that your business activities can run smoothly without any interruption. Equipped with very knowledgeable team Alfred L Amato advices its clients on greenhouse gas factors, guides about regulatory conformity issues and undertakes court cases for environmental factors. Whether you’re a manufacturing company, a chemical process unit or oil and gas company, federal bodies are very aggressive about environmental damaging factors. To keep you in the safe side always consult with Alfred L. Amato and Amato Law Group who can advice you the right ways to keep your business process environmentally friendly and safe for your community people.

At Amato Law Group the people is prepared to advice you about the co-related issues with ecological laws like water, hazardous products or waste, air pollutants, chemical compound management factors, pesticides usage and all. Alfred L. Amato has been a long associate and an esteemed member NY as well as NJ bar councils. He is a B.S. Degree graduate and achieved his Law Degree from Georgetown University. He embarked on his professional life as an assistant attorney at Kaye, Scholer, Fierman, Hays & Handler law firm. He is a distinguished affiliate of US District Court for eastern and southern districts and has been a long-time associate at NY State Bar Council, Nassau & Suffolk Bar Associations, NJ Bar association and American Bar Association.