Are You New to the Sport of Cycling?


If you are working out and getting fit by cycling but are new to the sport, you probably need some pointers on how to dress. You can easily remedy the situation by thinking about what is important to you in cycling and workout apparel. Most cyclists are concerned about water and wind resistance when choosing apparel for long-distance bike rides.

Purchasing the Basics in Apparel

In order to cycle successfully, it is important to purchase some of the basic apparel. This clothing includes bike short and jerseys. Your first task as a new cyclist is to pick out some quality bike shorts. You can choose shorts that are regular shorts or shorts that feature bibs (built-in suspenders). As you are new to the sport, you may want to try out the bibs first.

That is because bib shorts do not feature an elasticised waist. As a result, they are more comfortable to wear and seemingly last longer too. The straps on the bibs also keep the shorts more intact, which makes you feel more confident when you are riding. After all, you do not want to ruin the joy of riding by having a problem with bunching or changing.

Choosing Bike Pads

Bike shorts also come with pads. You just have to try a few to see which one is the best for you. For example, some pads feature ride times of one to four hours whilst others are designed for rides that last six to eight hours. Most pads are anti-bacterial and are fairly thick.

Once you buy your bike shorts, you are ready to choose a women’s or men’s cycling jersey. This type of garment, which is basic in design, is produced with a moisture-wicking material. Typically, jerseys are designed with pockets on the back and a zipper on the front.

Thermal Regulation

One of the quality designs in jerseys features a thermal regulating material that feels like a second skin. Many of the premium garments are cut beautifully and are featured with a matching bib too. A four-way stretch fabric provides the maximum in moisture-wicking properties and comfort. In addition, the seams are flat-stitched to reduce the incidence of chafing. Garments of this type are generally treated with a sun protection factor of 50.

You can also choose jerseys that highlight vivid graphics and printing and side panels that offer high levels of visibility. So, your cycling apparel not only makes for a safer and more comfortable ride but it also allows you to look great from a style standpoint.

All you need to do to make sure your cycling attire is right for you is to pick a size. Whilst tight jerseys are designed for racing, the looser jerseys are intended for mountain biking or touring. So, as you can see, you can pick just the right style for your cycling activities. As long as you choose your clothing from a cycling clothing retailer, you can ensure that your apparel will meet your preferences as well as the criteria of other riders.