Performance of Even Jazz Festival 2017 in Bali


Music event jazz festival 2017 in Bali is one of the most awaited music performances in the world which is located in Ubud Bali, Indonesia. This event was first founded by Yuri Mahatma in 2010 who is a composer music teacher, and musician. Together with AnomDarsana, they founded the Underground Jazz Movement and then held some projects of jazz music events and concerts in several times. Since Bali is the most visited destination from people all over the world, holding a jazz event in one of its cities makes this event festival gets attraction from many people. This is like a heaven for those who likes jazz music and traditional culinary in Bali, then this place is the right destination. This event jazz festival 2017 in Bali is the artistic one which presents great performances from musicians all over the world. This event does not only have the performance from local musicians, but also from famous jazz musicians and many talented student groups who enliven the festival even more. This is a right place to enjoy jazz and some workshops about music. It has the purpose to make young people more interested in jazz since there are people who prefer metal, rock, and indie music than jazz today.

This music jazz music is back to present you with another day of exclusive performance of jazz music genre. This festival is held in Ubud, Bali on August 2017 to attract more people so they can know and feel this great atmosphere of jazz. This is the fifth year since the first started. It is located in ARMA (Agung Rai Museum of Art) in Ubud. It really brings the incredible combination in between international and local talents to the top stage in this jazz festival. The genre of this music includes a huge range of modern, traditional, mainstream, and Latin performers with the touch of jazz. Those musical icebergs makes this August become the most awaited month for all of jazz lovers, especially for those who visit Bali. There will be several performers who will come to show their talent there, they are:

  • Gerald Clayton Trio with Gregory Hutchinson as drummer and Joe Sanders as bassist
  • Benny Likumahua as a legend of Indonesian trombone plater and his son, Barry Likumahua as bass player
  • Balawan as a guitarist who will show his amazing performance in combining jazz and Balinese gamelan.
  • Many more.

This great performance of event jazz festival 2017 in Bali is set to be artistic and dramatic since there will be many audiences from all over the globe. The performance will surprise you with their great talents in playing the music instruments to create a beautiful tone. This jazz music event has a support from local community, Tourism Ministry of Indonesia, and also Ubud Royal Family. It has the praise for years to support this festival even support the student and local community to show their interest in Jazz. Also, it has the purpose to promote the music genre scene in Indonesia.