Take to Anavar to Get a Lean and Fat Free Body without Worrying About Lowered Libido


There are different steroids that help in building up the structure of your body in the way that you want. These are called anabolic steroids and are safe for the users. These substances are being used for many years now. Some steroids were prescribed for some specific ailments of the body and are now used for building up of muscles or for cutting down fat from the body. Anavar is one such steroid that helps the body to absorb calcium to make strong bones. This is well known for its results and has low side effects. The athletes take to Anavar for building muscles and for gaining bone strength and density. This also helps in fat removal.

Impact on libido

When this medication is used as per the prescribed dose for removing fat and growing strong muscles, it shows fast results. You will often get better results with some workout and healthy diet. You should take steroids for recommended time span and Anavar is to be taken for 8 weeks. There are people who feel that Anavar will have an impact on the libido but this is not true. You will get a muscle build up and it will also cut extra fat from your body. The impact on libido is not true and hence recuperar libido must not trouble you.

Androgenic properties and Anavar

The steroid that has got its brand name as Anavar is generically named Oxandrolone. This steroid has got a lot of tissue building properties and the androgenic properties are low in this medication. The androgenic properties are mainly the properties of a male hormone and this gives way to sex drives. The steroid therefore does not give a boost to the sex drives. There are steroids that give better results when it is taken in higher quantity but Anavar does not give an impressive body structure.

Supplements with Anavar

You may find that this steroid has ways to suppress the testosterone production of the body. This is true when you take Anavar at higher dose and that is generally not required for enjoying its benefits. You therefore need not go to the higher dose as it does not give you any positive side but can hamper your libido. That again is not true for a decrease in libido when you take Anavar in regular dose. You can also take some supplements that are recommended, if you are worried about it hampering the libido. These supplements are Proviron, Testosterone and Sativa.

Mild effects on HPTA

There are some post cycle therapies (PCT) recommended for some people who take these steroids for maintaining a muscular body structure. People taking Anavar need not go for these therapies as Anavar only mildly affects the HPTA or Hypothalamic Testicular Pituitary Axis. There are steroids that harm this axis but Anavar affect it only mildly. Thus one can say that the steroid is not harmful for the users and there is no issue of recuperar libido. You can take this magic potion at a dose of 40mg per day for 8 weeks. This is the recommended dose and you will not find much decrease in the sex drive. So just keep your dose right and start enjoying the fat cutting and muscle strengthening phases to get the desired physique.