Testosterone Decanoate – A Knowhow



Testosterones are essential in men for deepening of the voice, to grow taller, growth of hair and pubic and also enhance the growth of the pennies and the testes. It may cause several problems if the level of the testosterones gets decreased from a certain extent. Testosterone injections are one which is necessary for the testosterone replacement therapy. This therapy is mainly done for the men who suffer from hypogonadism. Testosterone injections are taken by those people like the body builders and the athletes so as to increase the strength and the muscle mass. This is one reason that such steroids can be used only with the support of the prescription. People try to abuse the usage of these hormones for several purposes. This usage has been discouraged without the prescription because some of the testosterones will be manufactured for one purpose and will be used for some other purpose which may result in many negative side effects.

Esters are those compounds that are used along with the testosterones to increase the time period of their result and to decrease the release time of the hormone. Testosterone Decanoate is a form of the testosterones that are used for the injections. Low level of the testosterones shows symptoms like

Loss in the sex drive, facing problems like erectile dysfunction, strength of the muscles gets decreased by the reduced level of testosterones, facing changes in moods etc. Also problems like insomnia are also the result of decreased testosterones.

There are many reasons that may lead to the decrease in the testosterones. This may be due to the age, obesity, Increase in the blood pressure, diabetes and also due to disease like HIV AIDS.

This kind of testosterones possesses some of the side effects .The side effects of this testosterones depends on the age of the individual and his general health and well being.

Some of the common side effects are

Water retention and the gynecomastea is one of the side effects that are noted for this testosterone .This is because the estrogen gets converted to the aromatase enzyme. Water retention is one such defect that leads to the increase in the blood pressure.

These kinds of testosterones can have a negative effect on the good cholesterol level of the body. The good cholesterol in the body gets decreased thereby lead to the increase in the bad cholesterol. Increase in the level of fat in the artery vessels thereby increases the risk of causing heart problems and stroke.

This may lead to baldness and hair loss. Also some of the skin problems are the results of the usage of these testosterones.

Decanoate, also called Sustanon250 can be helpful in testosterone replacement therapy which is a treatment that is undergone to increase the level of testosterones in the body. Testosterones help the body in many different ways. This let us know how the body can be capable in storing the glucose level, energy and other fluids. All the hormones that are taken to increase the testosterones should be consumed only by the proper advice from the medical practitioner so as to avoid further complications.