The many ways in which hydroxycitric acid help in fat loss


Weight loss methods work differently for different people. In some, just foregoing some food may be enough to lose some extra pounds while in some, along with it, exercises may also be essential. Yet, there are those who also need some additional help along with diet plans and exercises. That is how, diet supplements or diet pills come into picture.

Hydroxycitric acid’s role in fat and weight loss

The most important part of weight loss is cutting down fat. If fat accumulation is reduces, automatically weight too is reduced. An ingredient that works best for fat loss is definitely Hydroxycitric acid or HCA as it is referred to.  Its scientific name is more popular and that is Garcinia cambogia. It is found in a tropical fruit which is also known by the same name. It may have different common names in different countries though. HCA works at two main ways, first, it suppresses hunger pangs which means you do not feel hungry or the need to binge on junk food. Second, it helps in reduced conversion of carbohydrates into fats. That means, carbohydrates are not turned into fat as often as it could and this leads to less fat storage in the body. Thus, body weight doesn’t increase. If you also include a healthy diet and daily exercises to the consumption of HCA, you will be able to maintain your body weight and not become obese.

The working of hydroxycitric acid

In many Asian countries, Garcinia cambogia is actually used to flavour food. The rind of the fruit is dried and preserved and then added to curries or fish preparations.  To understand the working of hydroxycitric acid for fat loss, it is important to understand the metabolism process of carbohydrates.

When you consume foods containing carbohydrates, two processes take place as with any other food. These are digestion and absorption. When carbohydrates are broken down, they are sent to the blood stream as glucose and if it is needed by the body, then these are sent to different organs. But when the body doesn’t need them right away, they are stored in the body as fats so that they can be used later. What HCA does is that it does not aid in this kind of storage and in fact delays the process. That means the body uses all the glucose that have been just converted and which also means, there is no glucose left for storage.

At the same time, for hydroxycitric acid to work effectively, it is important for users to stick to a good and healthy diet that is low in sugars. Processed sugars help in weight gain and it is best to stay away from such food.

There might be some side effects from the use of hydroxycitirc acid but if taken in the right dosage and if your conform to the recommended cycle, then side effects or interactions may not occur at all. Yet, it is best to take these pills under medical supervision or after speaking to your doctor.