Tips for Finding Jobs Online


One of the easiest options available today for finding a new job is online recruitment websites, these sites allow you to look through hundreds of job openings and in a matter minutes, upload your resume, click send, and you have applied for that much coveted position. Gone are the days of reading through pages of newspaper advertisements, printing your resume, and having to physically deliver it to the company’s doorstep. The digital age allows you to apply for positions all over the globe.

How to “Stand-Out” from the Crowd

When applying for a position online, it is highly likely that some type of screening software will be used to review and grade your application, if you make the cut, you move on, if not, your resume is rejected, you may never even make it to the stage where an actual person views your resume. One of the ways to avoid this is by tailoring your CV to include key words and phrases which are instantly recognised by the company’s software, if the job description requires interpersonal skills, do not forget to mention your exceptional interpersonal skills.

Making Alterations

Your resume is not a fixed, unvarying document, it is an article that will need to be modified quite regularly so it can directly match each and every position you wish to apply for. You may need to make changes to key bullet points and previous job descriptions, making sure your resume is flexible and adaptable to each new position. You have to be able to clearly match your CV to a particular role.

Don’t Just Stop With Online Applications

It is a good idea to go that extra mile when applying for a new job, after sending your well-groomed resume, do not just sit back, relax, and hope the employer will contact you with a job offer. Find ways to get recognised by recruitment personnel, follow up on applications, and make every effort to get yourself on that company’s radar. Whether you have applied for a sales position in New York, or you are trying to find HR jobs in Malaysia, these simple tips will give you every opportunity in securing that desired position.

Manage Your Social Media Accounts

Once you have finished applying for jobs and are done researching your desired company, remember that these companies will also be doing some background checks of their own. If your resume ticks all the boxes and the interview process went well, certain things can decide whether you get the job or not, a quick search on your Facebook page may reveal any unpleasant photos, while innocent, they could possibly result in you not being offered the job.

Thank You Email after an Interview

One area of job hunting online which is regularly neglected is sending a thank you email after you have finished your interview, this shows that you are a thoughtful candidate who appreciated the fact that their company giving you an opportunity to interview with them, it could be the difference between getting that all important offer.

There may be hundreds of possible candidates apply for one particular job online, it pays to demonstrate to each company that you are exactly the type of individual that they require in their business.