Why having excellent quality extraction forceps is important


Dentists deal with many different situations during surgery which may involve having to cut through bone and teeth, or even having to extract a tooth or to using extraction forceps every once in a while. In the case of using extraction forceps here are a few reasons why every dentist should invest in excellent quality extraction forceps.

  • It is safer than other poorer grade material

When using any part of extraction forceps the one rule is that there must always be enough grip on the tool for the dentist to be able to pull out the tooth from the patient’s mouth. It goes without saying that having poorer quality tools in this case will only put both the dentist and patient at higher risk of injury.

The last thing that the patient and the dentist will want is for the extraction forceps to fail especially in the middle of a tooth extraction procedure. As the dentist is responsible for the wellbeing of his or her patients, there is even more need to void using poor quality extraction forceps.

  • Longer lasting means you save more money

While extraction forceps may not necessarily be the most expensive thing that a dentist will have in their arsenal, it actually make sense to spend a higher amount initially for a higher quality product and then save money by being able to use it for a very long time to come. What doesn’t make sense, is the dentist choosing to purchase low quality extraction forceps each time and then having to buy a fresh pair every few months or so.

Longer lasting extraction forceps also means that they are sturdy and can not only be used for a long time during tooth extraction procedures but they are also able to stand the test of time and also go through normal wear and tear without much effect. One typical scenario is where the requirement of the dentist industry requires that all tools must be sanitized in boiling water properly before being used on another patient.

This is to ensure that germs are not passed from one patient to another, increasing the risk of diseases transferring and where high quality extraction forceps are concerned, it will not show any signs of discoloration after being sanitized over and over again. This is also a great indicator that the pair of extraction forceps is truly made of great quality material.

When everything is said and done, there is evidently more benefit that can be gained by purchasing higher quality extraction forceps as opposed to lower quality ones.